VICHATTER.COM Administration strongly recommends:

Not to watch video-broadcasts of pornographic, offensive and other criminal content. Such video-broadcasts are directly forbidden by the Regulations of our web-site use (

To notify the Web-site Administration of all video-broadcasts of pornographic, offensive and other criminal content. The site operation is based on principles of confidentiality and thus non-interference of the Administration in personal communication (by means of personal messages and video-broadcasts) of the Users. That's why we can suppress criminal behaviour of the Users only with your help.

Not to post on the web-site on open access your contact information, including telephone number, E-mail address, ICQ number, etc.

In case you access the Web-site from the computer which is also used or may be used by other persons, to take necessary steps not to save your submitted password in the browser.

In all cases to take necessary steps to provide confidentiality of your account information, used for Web-site access.

If any of the Users has performed in your relation actions you regard as offensive, discrediting etc. – not to conflict him, but to contact the Web-site Administration.

In case any of the Users explicitly expressed his reluctance to communicate with you – refrain from further attempts at contacting him.

To refrain from actions which knowingly are or can be considered illegal and unlawful at using the Web-site.

VICHATTER.COM Administration points out that:

Disclosure (breach of confidentiality) of information, i.d. performance of actions due to which information with access restricted by the law (state, official, commercial secret, various professional secrets, etc.) comes to notice of unauthorized persons without consent thereto of its owner, as well as illegal use of intellectual property (works of science, literature, art, computer software and data bases, audio records, etc.), including posting of their copies or parts on the Internet, calls for civil, administrative and criminal liability as required by the legislation.

Parents bear full (moral, criminal and ethic) responsibility for presence at, use of the web-site, initiation and watching of video-broadcasts and behaviour of their children on the web-site.

The law provides legal responsibility (including criminal) for fomenting hatred or hostility, humiliation of honour and dignity of a person or group of persons based on some features, insults, advocacy of violence, refusal to perform civil duties, commission of unlawful acts, unauthorized access to computer information as well as for a range of other actions prohibited by the Regulations of web-site use (

You understand and confirm that while using the Web-site you may see video-broadcasts, which content does not agree with the facts, or is offensive, indecent, and illegal or in any other way causes your objections. As far as it is accepted by the applicable law you waive you right to submit claims to the Administration and Owner of the Web-site in respect of any similar fact.

You should print out or save at your local disk a copy of the Agreement for easy reference.

Best regards,
VICHATTER.COM Administration.